Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Motions from World Schools Debating Championships '05 (12-18 Feb 2005)

Round 0: THW ban the use of human embryos in scientific research.
Round 1: THBT the costs of space exploration outweigh the benefits.
Round 2: THBT political parties should be funded by the state.
Round 3: THBT censorship does more harm than good.
Round 4: THBT civil marriage should be open to same-sex couples.
Round 5: THW use affirmative action to compensate for historical injustices.
Round 6: THBT education policy should be the responsibility of local authorities.
Round 7:
Round 8:

Quarter-Finals: THBT the first priority of criminal justice is rehabilitation, not retribution.
Semi-Finals: THBT regional trading blocs are preferable to global free trade.
Grand Final: THBT the permanent members of the UN Security Council should not have veto power.

Australia won this competition, beating England 5-2 in the final (sounds like a football match). Singapore broke 10th and reached the octo-finals, losing to England then. I'd be glad to post the other motions once I find out about them (if I find out about them).


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