Friday, March 25, 2005

Motions from recent IVs across the World

Here are some motions which are fairly interesting, largely from British IVs.

Aberdeen IVs 2005
Final: THB everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

ESU John Smith Memorial Welsh Mace 2005
Final (26th Feb 2005): This House Believes That Free Trade means freedom from Global Poverty.

Scottish Mace 2005
Semi-Final (12th Feb 2005): This House Rejects The Use Of Private Money To Fund Public Services.
Final (26th Feb 2005): THBT Africa is a Lost Cause.

Strathclyde IVs 2005
Final: This House Would allow Turkey into the EU.

Edinburg IVs 2005
Final: This House Would Use Torture to Fight Terrorism.

Exeter IVs 2005
Final: THBT there is no such thing as universal human rights.

UCL IV 2005
Final: THW Institute Public Flogging as a Voluntary Alternative to Imprisonment.

Irish National Maidens 2005
Round 1: This House Would Legalise Soft Drugs.
Round 2: This House Would Share With It's Peers (Yeah, WTF, I know).
Round 3: This House Believes P O Neill and Sinn Fein
Final: This House Would Compel HIV Positive Patients to disclose their condition to any sexual partner.

Inner Temple IVs 2005
Final: This House Would Abolish Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.


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