Saturday, December 18, 2004

NTU Pre-Worlds Day 1

Despite only surviving one round of debating today, the NTU Pre-Worlds was surprisingly draining. After arriving unbelievably (and ridiculously) early today, we spent the rest of the day bumming, and discussing why vegetarians don't deserve to live, for not fulfilling their roles in the food chain. This was, of course, the usual preamble to any NTU tournament - decent chaps but tournaments that don't start on time.

Anyway, we had this spectacular motion to kick off the First Round.

"This House Would put Humpty-Dumpty back together again."

Amazingly, we survived after defining the motion as one about integrating Turkey into Europe (and subsequently being named by the Chief Adjudicator as having been able to squirrel the motion in the only possible way). After the most horrific case-set in the history of mankind, we survived with a 2nd. I swear, this tournament is about the NTU Adjudicators wrecking havoc on their juniors.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Motions from the Birmingham IVs (held in Dec 2004)

Round 1: THW allow women to sell their eggs.
Round 2: THW invade North Korea.
Round 3: THW allow compulsory drug testing in the workplace.
Round 4: THBT trepassers forego the right to legal protection.
Round 5: THW stop the media showing pictures of hostages.
Semi-Final: THW provide a voice for the Kashmiri people.
Final: THW give an extra vote to the politically aware in a general election.

Motions from the Cork IVs (held in Dec 2004)

Round 1: THW expand the UN Security Council.
Round 2: THW make parents responsible for their children's anti-social behaviour.
Round 3: THW use sporting sanctions to bring about political change.
Round 4: THW remove the option to home school your children.
Round 5: TH supports Taiwanese independence.

Novice Final: THW give parents complete access to their children's medical records.
Semi-Final: THBT entrapment is a legitimate tool in police investigations.
Final: THW negotiate with terrorists.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Motions from the Ateneo de Manila University IVs (held from 10-12 December)

Round 1: This House Believes That Speaking A National Language As A Requirement For Citizenship Is Unjust.
Round 2: This House Would Allow Corporal Punishment In Schools.
Round 3: This House Would Lift The Moratorium On Whaling.
Round 4: This House Would Use Sports To Build Communities.
Round 5: This House Believes That Israel Should Regret Arafat's Death
Quarters: This House Believes That The State Should Pay for Sex-Change Operations
Semis: This House Believes That ICJ Advisory Opinions Should Be Made Binding On States.
Final: This House Believes That Queer Eye Has Done More For The Straight Guy At The Expense of the Queer Guy.