Friday, March 25, 2005

Motions from recent IVs across the World

Here are some motions which are fairly interesting, largely from British IVs.

Aberdeen IVs 2005
Final: THB everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

ESU John Smith Memorial Welsh Mace 2005
Final (26th Feb 2005): This House Believes That Free Trade means freedom from Global Poverty.

Scottish Mace 2005
Semi-Final (12th Feb 2005): This House Rejects The Use Of Private Money To Fund Public Services.
Final (26th Feb 2005): THBT Africa is a Lost Cause.

Strathclyde IVs 2005
Final: This House Would allow Turkey into the EU.

Edinburg IVs 2005
Final: This House Would Use Torture to Fight Terrorism.

Exeter IVs 2005
Final: THBT there is no such thing as universal human rights.

UCL IV 2005
Final: THW Institute Public Flogging as a Voluntary Alternative to Imprisonment.

Irish National Maidens 2005
Round 1: This House Would Legalise Soft Drugs.
Round 2: This House Would Share With It's Peers (Yeah, WTF, I know).
Round 3: This House Believes P O Neill and Sinn Fein
Final: This House Would Compel HIV Positive Patients to disclose their condition to any sexual partner.

Inner Temple IVs 2005
Final: This House Would Abolish Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Motions from Cork Europeans 2005

1. THW make the post-mortem donation of organs compulsory without exception

2. THW support the right of Chechnya to secede

3. THBT popular referenda should not be used to ratify the EU constitution.

4. THW prosecute the perpetrators of domestic violence without the consent of the victim

5. THW grant immunity from prosecution to dictators who step down.

6. THBT the state should assist healthy people commit suicide.

ESL Semi: TTHW remove the Arms Embargo on China

ESL Final TTHW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence

QTR: THW condemn companies that seek to avoid first world regulations on human drug testing by conducting their trials in the developing world.

Semi: THW withdraw from the Ottawa convention banning the sale of land mines.

Final: TTHW allow the use of racial profiling by police forces.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Motions from the Oxford Union Society Schools' Debating Championships 2005

Round 1: THW not allow countries with poor human rights records to host the Olympics
Round 2: THBT the state should not subsidise the arts
Round 3: THW allow surrogate mothers to pay for their services
Semi-final: THW vote yes to the EU constitution in the UK referendum
Final: THBT control orders are an unwarranted violation of civil liberties

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Motions from the Tilbury House IV

Round 1: This House would introduce a national DNA database.
Round 2: This House would have a men's rights ministry.
Round 3: This House would expel the UK from the EU.
Round 4: This House would ban religious symbols at schools.

Semis: This House would lift the arms embargo on China.

Final: This House would allow torture.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

IEEE Technical Debates

This is a list of suggested motions from the upcoming IEEE debates held by NTU. Interested parties can contact Prathamesh at pratham_karkal at

1. This house believes that we do not have a right to enslave an artificial but intelligent being.
2. This house believes that when fossil fuels run out by 2060, mankind shall return back to the stone-age.
3. This house believes that we do not have a right to colonize other planets in future.
4. This house believes that the hydrogen-engine is more cost effective than the petrol-engine.
5. This house believes that cloning shall help us find a cure to cancer.
6. This house believes that Singapore should invest more money in general research rather than in only applied research for economy growth.
7. This house believes in the power of technology to overcome poverty.
8. This house believes that science and religion will meet eventually.
9. This house believes that mishaps due to engineering failures must be treated as crimes, and the engineers responsible as criminals.
10. This house believes that technology is invading our privacy.
11. This house believes that too money is being wasted on space exploration.
12. This house believes that all vaccinations should be made mandatory by the state.
13. This house supports the Kyoto agreement despite USA and Australia not signing it.
14. This house believes that robotic research should be stopped as in the near future we will be able to build robots that are as intelligent and powerful as humans, and will therefore have the ability to revolt against humans.
15. This house believes that hackers do a public service by finding and publicizing computer security weaknesses
16. This house believes that unregulated distribution of copyrighted works
over Internet should not be allowed
17. This house believes that the pharmaceutical patenting system be liberalized
18. This house believes that computer manufacturers like Dell, IBM, HP etc must concentrate on mobile phones too as mobile phones integrated with computers are the future.
19. This house believes that products which compromise the privacy of an individual must be banned.
20. This house is against the trademarking of common names (egs. Neem, Basmati, Turmeric) as it sets a bad precedent for future scientific breakthroughs and inventions.
21. This house condones the free flow of nuclear technology between the
developed and developing nations.
22. This house supports cloning of humans.
23. This house objects patenting in the pharmaceutical industry.