Monday, November 13, 2006


Round 1: TH should learn to stop worrying and love the North Korean bomb
Round 2: THW criminalize genocide denial
Round 3: THW ensure that World of Warcraft players rejoin the real world
Round 4: THW tie development aid to the establishment of microcredit financing

Semis: THBT ASEAN should use sanctions to control cross-border pollution

Final: THW support the use of shame as punishment

John Smith Memorial Mace Scottish Championship

Round 1: This House Would Privatise Education

John Smith Memorial Debate 2006 Motion

This House Believes New Labour Are Barley Labour

Bristol IV motions

1 TH Would Only Release Prisoners Who Have Secured an Offer of Employment.
2 TH Would Compensate Mothers for a Portion of the Income Lost to Motherhood.
3 TH Would Legalise Bestiality.
4 TH Would Institute a Mandatory 1 Year Period of Non-Military Civil Service
5 TH Would Invite Israel to Sign the North Atlantic Treaty

SF: TH Would Create a "Watch List" of Countries from which Immigration is not Permitted.
GF: TH Would Remove the Ban on Sympathy Strikes.

Durham IV motions (Nov 06)

Round One: THB in a three state solution for Iraq
Round Two: THB that criminals sentenced to life imprisonment should have the right to choose the death penalty instead.
Round Three: THW scrap the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Round Four: THW tie developmental aid to progress in women's rights

Semi: THB media facilities are legitimate military targets.

Final: THW make prostitutes available to the disabled on the NHS

Back with a vengeance - ESU John Smith Memorial

Prelim: This House welcomes the rise of Latin American socialism.

Final: THBT England needs a Parliament.